National Resource Center for Children with Disabilities (NRCCD)

National Resource Center for Children with Disabilities (NRCCD)

The National Resource Center for Children with disabilities (NRCCD) exists to provide children with disabilities with the tools, training and support necessary to succeed both academically and socially and to become contributing members of society. Co-Founded in 2018 by Cynthia Tysick, Head of Education Services, University at Buffalo Libraries and Paul Anomah-Kordieh (the first visually impaired Newscaster in Africa), the NRCCD collaborates with a variety of health care, educational and research organizations, state agencies, families, and caregivers to plan and implement programmes that improve systems of care and increase access to health, education and community resources for children with disabilities. Currently the NRCCD consists of four board members and relies on a permanent staff of 4 volunteers to assist in carrying out its mission.

Be the Miracle a video documentary

The Play: Nkonim means “Victory”. It was written by Timika Edwards, Mary Darnell, and Darla Boczek. The disabled in Ghana are often seen as a liability by their families and society. They are a burden as they can’t take care of themselves. However, as many with disabilities are finding, with the assistance of others (family, friends, teachers, mentors, etc) they can become productive members of society. Each of us have skills and talents God has given us. Our diversity, when supported and harnessed, allows each of us to find that sweet spot where we contribute to our communities and “shine”. We achieve victory over adversity.


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