Kibbutz Lotan Online program by Andreana Diaz, Maggie Hewitt, Maria Morais, Megan Morillo Torres, Raphael Mevs, Queixli Ruballos

Our NGO Kibbutz Lotan created an online program teaching people the methods they developed to maintain a successful agriculture in the Negev desert. This program could prove to be a useful tool in the fight against poverty as well as a portion on building and maintaining eco-friendly communities. To share this knowledge we put together a poster (above) and a wordpress webpage (left button bellow) to act as a directory with information on the program and the potential benefits it aims to share. The NGO (right side button bellow) provided us with information on the program, testimonials, videos and photographs from the Kibbutz Lotan center for creative ecology. The focus of this program is to combat poverty and to help communities without an abundance of resources.

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