Good Health and Well-being: COVID-19 in Nigeria


  • Our team has had the privilege of working with an empowering organization in the country of Nigeria called PriHEMAC
  • PriHEMAC stands for Primary Health Care and Health Management Centre.
  • Their vision is to promote the health status and well-being of susceptible members of the communities particularly mothers, children and the elderly.
  • They work in multiple facets to achieve these goals, including: training knowledgeable caregivers, developing global partnerships, and strategizing their objectives with evidence based research.
  • They are true champions of their community and stand up for those in need.  


  • PriHEMAC which stands for Primary Health Care and Health Management Centre which was established as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in 1998
  • PriHEMAC exists to bridge the gap between government set policies and programs and public/private partnership strategies to provide quality health services for the local communities
  • Dr. Martins Olusola Ogundeshi is the executive director
  • PriHEMAC’s Vision: “To promote the health status and well-being of susceptible members of the communities particularly the mothers, children, and the elderly.”
  • PriHEMAC’s Mission: “Moving ahead together with strength and commitment to reach the needy where they live and work.”

PriHEMAC In The Community

  • PriHEMAC has training institutes where Primary and Professional Caregivers and Elderly Friendly Ambassadors are being trained
  • These caregivers are being sent out to the community to the meet the various needs of the elderly including psychological, physical and social
  • PriHEMAC caregivers provide services to the community that are managed by Doctors and Nurses


  • A pamphlet was made with basic information. Symptoms, How to prevent transmission and How to care for the elderly were our main focus.
  • Hand washing with clean water. The Wateraid foundation website was used to gather information on how Nigeria is implementing clean water during the pandemic
  • Caring for the elderly without transmission of the virus is important to understand. Ways to do this is shown.


As working Nurses it was interesting for us to learn about how Nigeria is combating Covid-19. Taking what we learned and implementing in our work routine can benefit our patients. Such as the benefit of clean water and how to help the elderly while using proper precautions.

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