Good Health and Well-being: Elderly Friendliness in Nigeria

SUNY COILS Global Common Program

“SUNY COIL Global Commons “ by Cooper Myers, Victoria Sheung, Laura Montes is licensed under CC BY 4.0

Students: Laura Montes, Victoria Sheung, Cooper Myers
Facilitators: John Justino and Mara Huber
NGO: Primary Health Care and Health Management Centre (PriHEMAC)

Goal / Outcome of the project: A brief video introducing PriHEMAC and its mission in relation to SDG 3

PriHEMAC Members

The UN calls for the good health and well-being for all people (SDG 3), regardless of age, gender, race, or ethnicity. However, the lack of health care for the elderly in countries like Nigeria creates a setback in achieving universal good health. Elderly neglect renders these vulnerable community members increasingly susceptible to health complications, loneliness, and depression, adding to disease burden and lowering of community morale. To combat this inequity, Primary Health Care and Health Management (PriHEMAC) of Nigeria has dedicated itself to creating Elderly Friendly communities through training and enlisting caregivers who provide quality in-home health services for the elderly.

Our video narrative showcases the voices of the elderly in Nigeria, PriHEMAC representatives, and UN SDG goal 3: Good health and well-being for all. From the challenges faced by the elderly to the hope and visions of PriHEMAC faculty and staff, we hope to bring awareness and inspire potential stakeholders, partners, youth organizations, and individuals to be part of the change.

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